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  1. Oct 10 / Karl Karlsson
    For all gun liberals out there. Rifles and handguns, short and long range. Shotguns Beretta Over Under Shotguns Review
  2. Sep 02 / 1 / Gregory Dearth
    In this video, the MKA 1923 is fired and dissassembled. The Beretta APX also does some target practice. I spent more time writing about the MKA 1923. There just isn't very many reviews about this wonderful rifle. I love it. The Beretta APX is a standard handgun. It has a better trigger than a Glock, and looks cool. But besides being a precision firearm that is easy to handle and ultra reliable, there isn't much to say. The MKA has its few flaws but is otherwise awesome. I hate the iron sights it
  3. Aug 29 / 353 / sootch00
  4. Aug 20 / 12 / Countryway Gunshop
    Here is our unboxing and comparison of the Brand New for 2019 Beretta 1301 Comp Pro. The Beretta 1301 Comp Pro 12 bore is the brand new updated semi automatic new shotgun for 2019. The Beretta 1301 is an updated, upgraded and ultra competitive Beretta shotgun, ideal for practical shotgun shooting. This is our new for 2019 review and comparison of the Beretta 1301 Comp Pro and the standard Beretta 1301. If you would like to view some of our other Beretta videos we also have this Beretta A400 Upland
  5. Aug 06 / 166 / sootch00
  6. Jul 12 / Sandro DV
    43pcs Plastic DIY Building Blocks Toys Weapon Desert Eagle And BERETTA Revolver Wtih Bullet Pistol Model For Children's Boys Best offer or check discount here :
  7. Jul 06 / 51 / true canadian air guns
    full overview of the fullauto fun beretta 92a1 pistol followed by a chronograph test and shooting paper targets 25 feet out for accuracy and then a recap and talk about up coming reviews please subscribe and enjoy Handguns Beretta Semi Auto Pistols Review
  8. Jul 03 / 8 / takes the brand new Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 Field out for its first shots, and look a little closer into the differences to the previous generation. was created to promote shooting sports in the UK and covers all disciplines from practical shotgun, gallery rifle and target rifle, right the way through to driven grouse/pheasant /partridge, deer stalking and bid game hunting. We make videos and do reviews on all types of firearms including shotguns, bolt action rifles, underlevers
  9. Jun 27 / 1 / Renaissance Firearms RenArms
    We review a few of the basics in our two best selling target shotguns. Shotguns Beretta Over Under Shotguns Review
  10. Jun 18 / 110 / The Gun Shop
    Today we got to have a quick look over Berettas new Silver Pigeon! what are your thoughts? Podcast:

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