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  1. Sep 14 / 17 / Countryway Gunshop
    Here is a first look at a Benelli Rafaello Accademia in the flesh, in a UK gun shop. Brand New for 2019, Benelli have produced yet another stunning limited edition semi automatic shotgun. As with all the Benelli Rafaello this gun works fantastically well. There have been some lovely shotguns introduced this year so for more new shotguns 2019 please take a look through our Youtube channel. This Benelli shotgun is just as beautiful as their Benelli Rafaello 50th anniversary semi automatic shotgun.
  2. Aug 21 / 17 / Wingmen
    Wingman Todd Helms shares his experience shooting and hunting with Benelli's 828U over and under shotgun. This gun is light! It's easy to carry in the field and Benelli's one-of-a-kind technology ensures this shotgun can handle the wear and tear of all season use. Helms breaks down all the features of the 828U and explains how you can get a custom fit with a factory shotgun from Benelli. --- Join Wingmen Social Media Facebook:
  3. Jul 06 / 2 / Freedom Gear Reviews
    Short overview of the Benelli M2 and my initial thoughts after 200 rounds. Rifles Benelli Semi Auto Rifles Review
  4. Jun 14 / sportsmansnewstv
  5. Feb 16 / 13 / Texas Gun Vault
    I picked up a new old stock Benelli M3 convertible semi-auto/pump shotgun. As a collector who enjoys learning about new actions and the mechanical aspects of gun, this is a really interesting idea than Benelli put together. Rifles Benelli Semi Auto Rifles Review
  6. Feb 11 / NRApubs
    Benelli's new 828U Sport over/under shotgun, based on the company's revolutionary 828U platform with its patented, innovative steel locking plate and streamlined receiver, features an integrated adjustment capability using a combination of small weights in the buttstock which allow the shooter to balance the 828U Sport to their preferred shooting style for optimal performance. For more information, visit Shotguns Benelli Over Under Shotguns Review
  7. Jan 25 / 73 / Countryway Gunshop
    The Benelli 828u Sport has just been delivered to us. The First Benelli 828u video of UK Stock and we thought we would do an unboxing shotgun review. #benelli We have today received the eagerly awaited delivery of the new Benelli 828u Black sporting shotgun. Benelli Shotgun have designed this 12 bore shotgun specifically for Sporting Clays and Compak. #clayshooting This Benelli 828u Sport Review has been done no more then 10 minutes after we have received our delivery. We were so excited for this
  8. Jan 21 / 6 / BerettaAustralia
    Exclusively designed for the Sporting and Compak disciplines. Join Lorenzo in the Beretta Australia showroom to discover for yourself the features that make the 828U Sport 'the sporting over and under'. Shotguns Benelli Over Under Shotguns Review
  9. Jan 06 / 49 / The Gun Shop
    Jonny gives his two cents on the re-released Benelli M1 Super 90. Looking for reliability & shooting power over looks then this Benelli might just be for you. Let us know what you think in the comments! Subscribe and hit the alarm bell for plenty more where this came from! Rifles Benelli Semi Auto Rifles Review
  10. Aug 04 / 50 / TheOl1911
    Here we take a look at my Benelli M1014 Limited Edition (M4). Great 12ga semi-auto shotgun. Stay Safe and Check 360 Often! Rifles Benelli Semi Auto Rifles Review

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