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  1. Aug 12 / 2 / Warriors & Sheepdogs
    Watch our Auto Ordnance 1911A1 review on Warriors & Sheepdogs. See us test it at the shooting range in OKC. Discover additional photos and the full article at
  2. Aug 10 / 5 / Rusty Guns
    Shot fine, few flyers, most likely due to operator error. But I like the gun and how it feels and the recoil is nice. Overall a thumbs up by me. Now to brighten the front sight so that this Mr. Magoo can see what the hell he is doing. Thanks for watching and have a great day!! Handguns Auto-Ordnance Semi Auto Pistols Review
  3. Aug 10 / 15 / Rusty Guns
    Out of box look at the 1911a1 GI specs, series 80 (drop safety) Made by Auto-Ordnance Caliber 4acp 5 inch barrel cerakote finish wood grips with US logo 7 round magazine Empty mag will seat apparently I was just being a wuss about pushing it in. Haha Also can someone tell me why OFB is used for out of box instead of OOB, lol Handguns Auto-Ordnance Semi Auto Pistols Review
  4. Jun 23 / 37 / UsedGunDude
    Auto Ordnance 1911 A1 in the 45 ACP, Of Course. 1st look review Handguns Auto-Ordnance Semi Auto Pistols Review
  5. Jun 06 / 93 / OreGear
    If you're looking for a true reproduction of the USGI classic that will actually run reliably, definitely check out Auto Ordnance! OreGear Shirts:
  6. May 29 / 426 / nutnfancy
    Testing complete and it turns out well for the Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine. Dial into another Nutnfancy Bunker review with Tactical Doodle as we share our testing and opinions with you on this svelt carbine. Of course we'll revisit our love for the M1 Carbine in general; it remains an outstanding, battle-tested design. Perhaps you have a collectible version like us that you don't won't to crank a whole lot of rounds through. That was the impetus for us to get the AO version. Testing complete and it
  7. May 28 / 1 / The Jimmini Show
    I finally had the time to get this edited. Enjoy. Visit, www.libertyarms .us and use discount code :Jimmini to save %5 Handguns Auto-Ordnance Semi Auto Pistols Review
  8. May 20 / 4 / The Jimmini Show
    One of these walked into the store this weekend and we HAD to go shoot it. Buy it at www.libertyarms .us Use discount code: jimmini at checkout to save 5% on the entire Online store For business inquiries, or to send a donation, Email me at thejimminishow@ Handguns Auto-Ordnance Semi Auto Pistols Review
  9. Apr 02 / 20 / MarksmanTV
    This video is a table top review and comparison of the Auto-Ordnance semi automatic Thompson, and the original M1A1 Thompson SMG. We will move through a point-by-point comparison of the two, so you can see just how close the AO clone is to the original Thompson. #thompson #m1a1 #smg Handguns Auto-Ordnance Semi Auto Pistols Review
  10. Mar 27 / 2 / Kahr Firearms Group
    In this video, Nate Stokes from Advantage Group reviews the 'Vengeance M1 Carbine', commemorating the American effort to achieve victory after the 'Day of Infamy', when Japanese forces launched their devastating surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

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