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  1. Sep 07 / Colin Hamilton
    Anschutz rx22lr rifle review Rifles Anschutz Bolt Action Rifles Review
  2. Feb 19 / 9 / GunCity
    View online here:
  3. Dec 01 / 95 / ozziereviews
    The Anschutz 1710 DHB is the most accurate 22 rifle that I've tested. The test target from Anschutz was 10-shots @ 50 into 0.4 and I managed to beat that with RWS high velocity 40gr HP ammo - an outstanding 0.3 10-shot group at 50 yards! The rifle was shot in real conditions and managed several sub-moa groups using both hunting and match ammo! Rifles Anschutz Bolt Action Rifles Review
  4. Sep 06 / 3 / Gun Mart TV
    Peter Moore takes a look at a tactical bolt action rifle from Anschutz. It is housed in a aluminium MDT chassis and chambered in .223 Rem. It has a Hausken Sound Moderator up front. Rifles Anschutz Bolt Action Rifles Review
  5. Aug 03 / 9 / Tommy Gun
    Anschutz .22 semi - auto Rifle. 10 rds magazine Made in Former West Germany. Rifles Anschutz Semi Auto Rifles Review
  6. Jun 16 / 1 / Countryway Gunshop
    Anschutz 1771 17 Hornet Rifle Unboxing Review Unboxing review of a brand new Anschutz 1771 rifle. This is an Anshutz 17 Hornet rifle. Anshutz are made in Germany and will give the shooter outstanding precision and accuracy. The 17 Hornet is perfect for vermin shooting. This Anshutz rifle is a traditional centrefire bolt action rifle. Featuring a two stage trigger, this bolt action Anschutz 1771 rifle also includes a 5 shot 17 Hornet Magazine. If you would like to view some more of our rifle reviews
  7. May 03 / 24 / ozziereviews
    The Anschutz 1700 series 22 rifles are tac drivers and this new tactical model is no different. I managed to put a handful of ammo into 0.5 10-shot groups @ 50 yards in windy conditions. I had some issues with feeding from the 10-round magazine depending on ammo but overall if you want the most accurate rimfire rifle you can buy, Anschutz is it! Rifles Anschutz Bolt Action Rifles Review
  8. Jul 05 / 6 / Outdoor Life
    Looking for a cool bolt rifle? How about one with great open sights? Check out our review of the Anschutz 1871. Rifles Anschutz Bolt Action Rifles Review
  9. Apr 06 / 33 / Long Range Shooters of Utah
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  10. Jul 04 / 24 / Gun Mart TV
    Anschutz 1416 review. Anschutz 1416 thumbhole stock. Anschutz .22 rimfire rifles. Hausken moderator review. Docter rifle scope review. Subscribe to Gun Mart TV for more!

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